Specialists in Gold Cobs from the Florida shipwrecks of the 1715 Fleet. Spanish Colonial gold and silver coins from Lima, Mexico City, Cuzco, Santa fe de Bogotá, Cartagena, and Santiago de Chile. Oro & plata corriente.




Master List

Below is a list of what is currently available on this website: more than 100 gold and silver cobs and other shipwreck material. Each of the links has been checked, but please let us know if you encounter a problem.    terravitan@aol.com   480-595-1293

Lima & Cuzco Gold Cobs (El Peru 1696-1750): 

     ** new listings

Cuzco 1698 two escudos MS64 1715 Fleet  here SOLD

Lima 1704 H eight escudos PCGS 1715 Fleet  here **SOLD

Lima 1711 M 8 escudos NGC MS 63 1715 Fleet  here ** SOLD

Lima 1725/4 M 8 escudos. one year Luis I. NGC finest here

Lima 1732/26 N/M one escudo. Unique. NGC. here SOLD

Lima 1736/5/4 N two escudos. Very rare. NGC AU 55 here

Lima 1737/6 N one escudo. Unique. NGC MS here

Lima 1738/7 N eight escudos. Finest known. NGC AU sold

Lima 1740/39 V one escudo. NGC AU 53. Unique. here SOLD

Lima 1749/8/7 R 8 escudos ex Eliasberg NGC XF 45 sold

Lima 1750 four escudos NGC MS 64 LUZ Shipwreck here

Mexican Gold & Silver Cobs (1679-1732):

Mexico 1711 J 8 escudos full date. NGC AU 1715 Fleet. here SOLD

Mexico 1715 J 8 escudos NGC MS 63 Fleet. here  SOLD

Colombian Gold & Silver Cobs  (1621-1756):

Bogota 1751 4 escudos rare (2 known) NGC  here**

Bogota 1755 4 escudos rare is here

Bogota 1665 two reales 2 known NGC ex Lasser is here

Cartagena 1628 RNE 2 escudos NGC AU 58 here SOLD

Cartagena 1621-35 silver cobs are here**

Cartagena 1655 CS four reales is here**

Santiago Chile 4 and 8 escudos from the Luz (1752)

   Santiago 1750 8E NGC MS 62 LA LUZ. Finest. here **SOLD



 Portrait 8 Reales from Potosi & Mexico:

Potosi 1774 PTS 8 reales PCGS MS 63 ex Amyrna here**

Potosi 1822 PJ 8 reales NGC ex Arequipa here SOLD

Mexico 1809 TH 8 reales NGC MS 63 is here **SOLD

Spanish Colonial Portrait gold:

Popayan, Colombia 1795 8 escudos NGC MS 63 here SOLD

Santa Fe de Bogota 1797 8 escudos PCGS MS 64+ here SOLD

  Ingots from Cortes' Conquest of Mexico:

"Golden silver" (dorada plata) ingots, misnamed "tumbagas", from the ca. 1526 Bahamian Mimbres shipwreck and traced to Cortes' Conquest of Central Mexico (1522-24), are available here. (Now all sold.)

Gold & Silver Coins from US Shipwrecks

a Gold Rush gold coin from the SS Republic is here{sold}

gold coins from the  SS Brother Jonathon are here [sold]

gold & silver coins from the SS New York are here**[sold]

gold & silver from other wrecks including the USS Charleston  and the Ft Capron Treasure may be viewed here [all sold]



 Some educational and archived webpages

(The coins discussed below are not for sale.)

A rare Lima onza of 1702 here

A choice mint state Lima onza of 1704 is here

A choice mint state Lima onza of 1705 is here (soon)

Mexico 1714 J 8 escudos Royal dies  here 

Mexico 1714 J 8 escudos Date over GRAT  here

A unique "flipover" error on a LIma 1712 eight escudos MS 64

The unique Lima media onza of 1702 (recently sold)

A Colombian gold ingot from the 1530's Conquest of the Sinu here

Why did the Lima mint strike no escudos in 1706?

Rooswijk silver bars are discussed here.

Slot ter Hooge silver bars are discussed here

The "J" varieties of Mexico 1714 Escudos

The 1554 Treasure Fleet 1164

(lost 1725)The VOC Indiaman Akerendam

Colombian gold bars from the Atocha (1622)

A Selection of Colombian and Mexican 8 Reales

Cuzco 1698 two escudos

The "diabolical" 1697/666 Lima four escudos

Lima 1699 R eight escudos MS 64

Lima 1701/0 H eight escudos Philip V

Lima 1702 H eight escudos from the 1715 Fleet

Lima 1713/2 M eight escudos

Mexico 1713 J eight escudos

Mexico Charles I tejeulos (gold ingotcirca 1545)

Mexico 1744/3 eight escudos MS63

Santiago, Chile, 1751 eight escudos from la Luz


Greek tetradrachma of the 2nd century BC---here and here



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