Shipwreck US Gold coins, golden treasures from the S.S. New York, S.S. Republic, S.S. Central America, and S.S. Brother Jonathon.






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                      From the wreck of the S.S. NEW YORK 

                                      (lost September 6, 1846 in the Gulf of Mexico)



SSNY.12  Unlike the 400 gold coins that generally weathered their 161 years at the bottom of the Gulf well, less than 50 US silver coins were recovered without serious corrosion reducing the coin to the equivalent of a damaged Fine or Good condition. This 1845 O is one of best preserved US halves recovered from the SS New York.  Two 1845 O half dollars were recovered, the other 1845 O auctioned by the salvors in July 27, 2008 sale, where as lot 2119 it realized $1035.



This rare survivor comes in its original faux-book holder, as shown.



Available. Price on request.





SSNY.13  US Capped Bust Half Dollar, 1828, Large second 8 and Square base on the 2 (Overton 108). Slightly more than a dozen US bust half dollars were recovered from the SSNY, most badly corroded and scarcely legible. This 1828, the only one found of this date on the SSNY, is one of the better survivors. Corrosion on the obverse mostly affects the edge and is partially covered by polychrome toning.  This half dollar was originally proof-like, almost deep PL, and much of the mirroring remains in the fields, which look blue-black to the camera. A wonderful type coin for the collector of US shipwrecks.






Available. Price on request. or 480-595-1293




Engraving of the paddlewheeler SS New York underwayy