Shipwreck US Gold coins, golden treasures from the S.S. New York, S.S. Republic, S.S. Central America, and S.S. Brother Jonathon.






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   the loss of the SS Central

   America (from an 1857








































































































































From the wreck of the S.S. Central America

    (lost September 12, 1857 off Charlestown, SC)



Those of you who have looked at MS 64 and MS65 1857 S don't need to be told what CAC acknowledges with its green label. This $20 is cleaner and brighter than the average MS 65 from the SS Central America.  No bagmarks on Miss Liberty, almost pristine fields, everywhere well struck, and no dark toning. It would certainly crossover to a MS 65 or possibly MS 66 holder if a collector did not care about losing the gold label insert. In any case, PCGS's strange call has created the best bargain from the Central America I have ever seen.



Available. Price on request., or 480-595-1293