Shipwreck US Gold coins, golden treasures from the S.S. New York, S.S. Republic, S.S. Central America, and S.S. Brother Jonathon.






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   the loss of the SS Central

   America (from an 1857













































































 The SS Central America





























































            From the wreck of the S.S. Brother Jonathon 

                                      (lost July 30, 1865 north of San Francisco)



This double eagle from the S.S. Brother Jonathon is an excellent choice for the type collector of US shipwreck gold who wants a clean, lustrous, mint state Brother Jonathon coin without paying the $25,000+ that gems now command. Certainly a CAC coin at this grade, it shows with no significant abrasion on the face or fields.


This double eagle was lot 848 in the Bowers & Merena auction of May 1999, which dispersed most of the Brother Jonathon recovery. It subsequently resold in Heritage Signature Sale #1147 (for $11,162).






By the way, if you are new to collecting gold from the SS Brother Jonathon, I recommend to you a copy of Q. David Bowers' excellent book on the ship and her treasure and a copy of the Dennis Powers' account the battle with the state of California to recover the treasure. While I have extra copies of either, I will include them at my cost with this coin.