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A Choice Large Planchet 1698 2 Escudos Cuzco

from the 1715 Plate Fleet

One of the Holy Grails of Fleet collectors is the large planchet Lima-style Cuzco 1698. Cuzco was a one-year only Peruvian mint that struck just a small number of two escudos. Before the Fleet only a handful of 1698 Cuzcos were known. The Fleet finds added a few dozen coins, but almost all were the Bogota-style small planchet issues ( see the other coin pictured on my site). Perhaps 5-6 Lima-style large planchet Fleet Cuzcos were found.

Captain Marty Meylach was one of the pioneers of Florida treasure hunting, both on the 1715 and 1733 sites. In 1966 he was working with Real 8 on the Nieves (Douglas Beach) site when a small group of Cuzcos (mostly small planchets) were found. Capt Meylach managed to hang on to the best one and later used it as a plate coin in his 1971 book DIVING TO THE SPLASH OF GOLD. That coin became available several years later when Marty sold his personal collection.  Included with the coin are both a special hand-drawn certificate an autographed copy of his book (now a collectible). You can't get better Fleet pedigree than that!




Photos courtesy of Dave Bartlett.